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FBC’s Beliefs

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Here at FBC, we recognize¬†that ideas have consequences. What you believe in your heart will manifest itself in your actions. This is how God has made us to operate. With that in mind, our church relies on both a Statement of Faith and also on the Baptist Faith and Message (as revised in 2000) as a definition of our core beliefs. We believe both of these documents reflect the truths of Scripture as God intended and serve to express the truth of God’s Word which shapes our community. Click on the links below to learn more:


Statement of Faith

Baptist Faith and Message


We also recognize that membership is essential for Christians to grow and for healthy churches to function. By membership, we mean a Christian’s commitment to join in fellowship with a local church where they submit to spiritual leadership, express their gifts, and strive together for the furtherance of the Gospel. Below is a copy of the Covenant to which¬†each member has agreed. While all of these commitments are Biblical and expected of all Christians, we find it immensely helpful to clarify these expectations in a covenant and remind ourselves of them on a regular basis.

Membership Covenant

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